Dwell Ecofabulous House

 Project Profile

Owner: Dwell Magazine, Ecofabulous
Architect: pieceHomes
Building Square Footage: 550 SF
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Status: Completed
Dwell on Design partners with Ecofabulous every year to design and decorate a residence that epitomizes aspirational sustainable living.  The 2011 home was built to show the latest innovations in residential living.  The 550 SF one-of-a-kind home was built as a single module in OneBuild's Oregon facility.  The completed home was transported to Los Angeles for showcase at the Dwell on Design show, the West Coast's largest modern design event.  It offered visitors a tactile experience to touch and feel best-of-breed green products and learn how conscious design improves the health, safety, and beauty of homes.  The showhouse enables visitors to view stylish and sustainable living in a tactile experience.  The home incorporates a long list of sustainable features such as natural ventilation, passive solar heating, and deep shading overhangs.  It also features a 4-1/2" thick concrete subfloor laced with piping for radiant heating as well as providing stability to the structure.