Modular construction is inherently greener and more efficient than traditional onsite building.  It allows for significantly less construction waste, higher indoor air quality, and reduced impact on greenspace at or around the jobsite.  With our high technology building processes and equipment, we are able to reduce waste by over 50% compared to site-built construction.
Depending on the size of the project, our building setting can take place over a few days.  Our speed and efficiency allows us to have minimal site disturbance both to the natural environment and to the site’s neighbors.  We create minimal disturbance in regards to dust, noise, and the general impact to the surrounding area.
OneBuild has worked on a variety of projects that have been designed to LEED or Built Green standards.  We are very familiar with using products that respond to the needs of the client while providing a sustainable alternative to the environment.  We ensure proper documentation of materials in order to fulfill the certification process.