Company Profile

Headquartered in Seattle, WA, OneBuild was founded by Dale Sperling in 2010 with the vision to become the West Coast’s preferred supplier of off-site, manufactured building modules and components to the construction industry.  OneBuild works with an integrated delivery method collaborating with designers/builders/developers of multifamily structures using a prefabricated modular approach.

OneBuild’s superior and innovative process engineering provides higher quality construction and faster delivery at lower cost than traditional site-built small scale, wood-frame construction.  The senior management team has extensive experience in real estate design, operations, construction, manufacturing and engineering.  OneBuild’s Integrated Delivery System combines computer design and automated assembly construction processes in a controlled factory environment with robotic, computer-assisted manufacturing equipment.  This simultaneously reduces project risks associated with schedules, subcontractors, weather, staging, delivery and inspections and delivers a high quality, green product at a reduced cost from the site-built alternative.

Modular multifamily development is an approach that is particularly timely in today’s difficult economic and real estate environments.  OneBuild is redefining how people think about modular construction and represents “A Better Way to Build.”

OneBuild has continued to gain ground within the Pacific Northwest.  Our multi-disciplinary management and manufacturing teams have worked on numerous different projects at a variety of scales ranging from a single modular office to a 48-unit retirement facility.  With a focus on high quality and economical prefabricated building components, OneBuild will continue to provide design and engineering services and factory fabrication for multi-family projects and large-scale developments.

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